Grain Free Dog Food

The Best Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food in Australia

Taste of the Wild provides dogs with fresh flavours and food that is full of nutrition and completely free of grain. When you feed your dog using our special formulas, you can be sure your pet will continue to grow happily and healthily. Give your dog the growth assistance they need with our special, nutritionally balanced meals approved by our vets, nutritionists and scientists.

Our natural dry dog food formulas are developed based on a dog’s ancestral diet. We formulate the best grain free dog food that will enhance your dog’s health and optimise ease of digestion.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food that is great for their sensitive stomachs

Dogs are just like us in the way that their bodies do not respond well to overly-processed foods low in protein and nutrition. They have sensitive digestive systems that respond well to simple, natural nutrients that can be easily absorbed by the body throughout the day and give them the energy they need.

We have specially designed a natural, hypoallergenic dog food formula that is easily digestible, good for their stomachs and released through their bodies. Our dog food is natural and grain free and allows for their digestive system to work easily on the food, it also contains over 200 million active live cultures in each kilo of food, making for happier dogs and less sore tummies.

Your dog will have access to complete amino acids and omega fatty acids, giving it all the energy it needs throughout its busy day.

Grain Free Dog Food prepared with a commitment to food safety

We ensure that each of our products are made under the most stringent and scientifically advanced food safety protocols. In doing this we ensure your pet will remain happy and healthy, eating the freshest grain free dog food day after day.

Buy at trusted pet shops around Australia or online.

To give every dog or puppy the best chance of a healthy life, try Taste of the Wild’s natural, grain free dog food. Available at trusted pet stores throughout Australia and online.