Since starting on TASTE OF THE WILD my dogs have not looked back. Beagles are notorious for skin problems, but have not had any issues since feeding them TASTE OF THE WILD.


Their weight is also easily maintained. Coats on all my dogs have never shone so much, my black German Shorthaired Pointer is testament to that.


Yvonne Butler - Huntsure Beagles and German Shorthaired Pointers

baby ni show tully

TASTE OF THE WILD has been a god send for my bull terriers. They are a breed prone to skin disorders and irritations, but after changing to the grain free TASTE OF THE WILD food we have seen a huge decline in any issues with their skin and instead have beautiful coats with no itchy dogs!


Our bull terriers have correct coat texture thanks to TASTE OF THE WILD and as a result are doing very well in the show ring- all thanks to this food!


Amanda Maynard - Supremecy Bull Terriers



Our dogs have been fed TASTE OF THE WILD  products for well over 1.5 years now. It is the only dry food we feed and recommend to others. We have Bred/Raised/Owned Multi Best in Show winning dogs.


Health is our #1 priority for our dogs and have found TASTE OF THE WILD products deliver consistent quality across the entire range. Our dogs adore the kibble, Coats have an unbelievable shine, Energy levels are sustained through long periods of hard work.


Cheryl Jones - MOCCAROTT ROTTWEILERS- Home of Multi BIS winning stock


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