We have been involved in the Rottweiler breed for 31 years and have bred/owned over 80 Australian Champions and just this year our nine month old puppy “Oscar” won back to back Best in shows which gave Khingsahl Rottweilers their 100thBest in show.


We started using Taste Of The Wild in May 2017 and by December 2017 our boy “Flash” won another 15 Best In Show Awards to finish the year as the number one Rottweiler in Australia and the number one Utility Dog in Queensland and became a Supreme Champion.  Not only has Flash excelled on Taste of the wild but all our show dogs that are on Taste of the wild have had outstanding results with Flash’s Grandson “Rafa” not only gaining his Australian Championship he is also the number one Rising Star Rottweiler in Australia and the current number one Rising Star Utility dog in Queensland.


Although retired from the show ring our Nine year old Patrick who is the most awarded Rottweiler in the All Breeds ring in Australia with 38 Best in shows, has been on Taste of the wild for the last 12 months and we have never seen him in better condition than what he is now.


We thank Taste Of The Wild for all they have done for us and we look forward to sharing many more of big wins in the show ring with our dogs and it is all thanks to feeding our dogs on Taste Of The Wild.




Khingsahl Rottweilers & John King,


Thank you Taste of the Wild. My CHIMO Alaskan Malamutes are thriving on your extremely high quality kibble.


TENZING  &  AUTUMN at aged 5 months are just two of my  dogs whose skin and coat condition are really looking fantastic thanks to TOTW. They have been raised on TOTW since 4 weeks old & they love the food.


I would highly recommend Taste of the Wild based on how healthy my Alaskan Malamutes are since being on it.


Taste of The wild helps keep my dogs in top show winning condition.

Tenzing & Autumn with Tonya Syme,

After Barry dropping weight from 34kgs to 22kgs and lost all of his coat due to the food he previously was on. We decided to try Barry on Taste of the Wild with veterinary monitoring each week.


Barry is now back to a healthy 34kgs, has travelled from the USA to Australia, stress of change in weather conditions, quarantine and new people to meet. Barry has adjusted so well in Australia with Taste of the Wild being a balanced food for him that has kept his condition steady.


Barry is a Best in Show winner since arriving to OZ and we owe it to Taste of the Wild for keeping him in perfect health inside and out!

Barry & Anthea Adamopoulos,


A picture speaks a thousand words!


Thank you Taste of the Wild. Our boy had always been a fussy eater and previously suffered digestive issues. Finding the right food for him was a challenge. Look at him now, he has never looked better. His skin and coat condition is amazing, he loves his food and no more GI problems.


We strongly recommend to anybody to do your dog a favour and feed Taste of the Wild. The results speak for itself. Taste of The wild keeps our dogs in top show condition.

Jude & Lianne Rowles,