Nutritional Integrity


The Highest Quality Ingredients

When we made the conscious decision to only make pet food you’d be proud to feed your own pet, we didn’t skimp on quality. That’s why we source the finest ingredients and establish solid relationships with our trusted suppliers to ensure we’re always getting the very best. All of our formulas are unique, based on your pet’s needs and life stage, but here are just a few of the quality ingredients you’ll find in our products.

  • Fresh chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, fowl, bison and venison
  • Vegetables like carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, spinach
  • Fruits like apples, blueberries, cranberries
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for healthier digestion


Supplier Management Program

Our ingredients suppliers are approved through a rigorous process intended to validate commitments to food safety and ingredient quality, and also to ensure financial viability. Our method is to work with fewer suppliers under longer-term arrangements, rather than engage with a host of suppliers participating in a continual bid process. This approach fosters trust, collaboration, and continual improvement, and works to encourage vendor-partners to make investments in quality control, food safety training, and laboratory testing equipment.

Scientific Formulations

Our pet food formulas are based on the latest animal nutrition research and are carefully designed to meet your pet’s specific life stage. No matter which formula you choose, you can rest assured you’re getting the very best nutrition for a long and healthy life. Here are some of the benefits you’ll find in select Diamond formulas:

  • Real meat for great taste and highly digestible protein
  • Fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants for a healthy immune system
  • Properly balanced omega-3 and omega-6 for healthy skin and coat, and reduced inflammation of skin, joints and digestive system
  • Proper fat ratios for sustained energy levels
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for healthier joints and cartilage

Nutritional Testing


To ensure all of our pet foods meet or exceed nutritional standards, we conduct nutritional testing on both ingredients and finished product. Over 1,500 tests are conducted on ingredients every week, and over 11,000 tests per week are conducted on finished product. Our ingredient suppliers also employ a variety of methods to ensure nutritional standards prior to shipment.


Why probiotics are important?

Approximately 70% of the animal's immune system resides in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. In other words, a healthy digestive system is essential to keep your pet's overall health. Therefore, each recipe TASTE OF THE WILD Dog is enriched with probiotics strain K9 Strain® and each recipe Taste of the Wild cat food is enriched with probiotics Viables®.

Probiotics K9 Strain® and Viables®: Do more of the pleasures of beneficial bacteria


Tribes designed for a specific race

Probiotics added to the animal feed often contain a mixture of various beneficial bacteria. But there is no guarantee that they can survive in the digestive tract of dogs. That is why we are right recipe for dog TASTE OF THE WILD developed probiotics K9 Strain. These are based on bacteria that are commonly found in the canine GI tract, and it is proven that they are able to survive the digestive tract.

Guaranteed lifetime

To ensure that your pet will benefit from these unique probiotic strains as possible, adding culture to Recipe TASTE OF THE WILD after the cooking process, which would otherwise kill beneficial bacteria. Thus, we can guarantee that every kilogram of feed Taste of the Wild delivered to the digestive tract of your pet 200 million live active cultures.


Purity same as food for humans

Because our feed manufacturing standards are strict as in the production of food for humans, we guarantee that both our kinds of probiotics, K9 Strain and Viables, absolutely not contain any harmful pathogens or other contaminants.