Introducing RUBISS CH Eleganser Does Dallas - Spruce.  Spruce is a multi Best in Group winner, Runner up in Specialty Show Winner from the Junior class, and has won his Class in Group or Show in every age class so far.  He has been competitive at breed level among older, more seasoned dogs from 9 months of age.  As a juvenile, he still has more growth and development ahead, we are excited for what this maturity will bring, and with the best nutrition behind him, we are expecting him to WOW!


 Spruce was weaned onto Taste of the Wild puppy as a baby by his breeder, Eleganser Great Danes.  After careful research and comparisons, the wholesome (and short) ingredient list of TOTW was by far the superior product.  Finding a food with suitable calcium and phosphorus ratios for growing giant breed puppies is no easy task, and Taste of the Wild Puppy passed the test with flying colours.


 Taste of the wild has been the basis of Spruce's diet his whole life, and he always receives glowing compliments on the quality and shine of his coat, and his even growth in a breed known for its "awkward" stages.  Appropriate nutrition is essential for laying the foundations of this GREAT breed to grow into healthy, strong adults with dash and dare to spare.

Icanhaz Swedish Vallhunds ,